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Pujol Lighting,a leading firm in the luminaire sector, presents us with a collection of Golden Appliques of great vintage beauty. It is a series of exclusive pieces with a design of soft lines and great versatility.

Lighting in an interior design project allows creativity to be unleashed, creating environments with a lot of character. It is trendy to illuminate with designer wall lamps, bringing a chic aesthetic to the most exclusive environments.

The luminaire firm Pujol Lighting presents with the DoradoS Appliques a series of luminaires perfect to provide light any room without losing a shred of style.

The design of the Golden Applied in golden steel recreates with great success the vintage trend that reigns today in the field of interior design. Metals are one of the materials that stand out this season, both for their beauty and for their timelessness. In addition, Golden Applieds are available in different sizes.

Pujol Lighting Golden Appliques they can be installed on any wall and are most functional, since their use is not limited to illuminating specific pieces such as paintings or decorative objects, but are ideal for use over the vanity area, the headboard of the bed or to provide indirect light any environment that requires it.

Illuminating your most precious rooms and items with good ness and style is possible with Pujol Lighting’s Gold Appliques collection.

Technical features


2xE-14 60W Max.

Measurements: A-1002 SB 300x200mm, A-1003 SB 400x200mm

Finishes: Gold, Patine. Also available in Nickel matte.


PvP from

A-1002/SB: 92.65

A-1003/SB: 106.05