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  -  Architecture   -  SONAE ARAUCO expone en el evento Espacio Escaparates

Sonae Arauco estará presente en el evento ESPACIO ESCAPARATES el 27 de abril de 10hs a 20hs en el Convent dels Angels de Barcelona (Plza. Dels Àngels, 5).

ESPACIO ESCAPARATES, organizado por Double Trade, es un evento dirigido a arquitectos, interioristas y decoradores donde se presentan las últimas novedades del sector en un ambiente relajado, fuera de los circuitos convencionales. Un evento 100% profesional especializado en materiales y soluciones para proyectos de arquitectura, interiorismo y decoración.

Sobre Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco es una nueva empresa resultante de la colaboración estratégica entre Sonae Indústria y Arauco. Esta colaboración al 50 % engloba las operaciones de tableros a base de madera y actividades relacionadas que Sonae Industria posee actualmente en Europa y Sudáfrica, en particular todas sus unidades de producción de tableros a base de madera, químicos y papel impregnado. Con 13 fábricas localizadas en 4 países de 2 continentes y con cerca de 2800 empleados, Sonae Arauco es uno de los mayores productores mundiales de tableros a base de madera.

En el evento se presentaran las novedades de Innovus®:

Innovus® Coloured MDF es un producto que aúna el color y la versatilidad a las ventajas naturales de la madera.

Combinado con destreza, el abanico de colores Coloured MDF desarrolla nuevos conceptos de interiores, sumamente personalizados con una profundidad sugerente, que dan como resultado ambientes acogedores y equilibrados, marcados por la claridad arquitectónica.

Exclusive advantages in a single product

-Resistant to light

-No formaldehyde

-Almost infinite possibilities of combination between innovusdecorations ® and colored boards.

Innovus® Coloured MDF combines the high mechanical performance and ease of machining to the versatility of a block-dyed product, with attractive colors and light resistant.

Its production process ensures that Innovus® Coloured MDF is perfect for a wide variety of applications in different spaces.

Innovus® Coloured MDF is an easily transformable material: given its properties, it can be machined, cut and milled easily, adapting to the demands of each project.

The nature of the wood remains present through the small fibers that maintain its original tone, giving Innovus® Coloured MDF a natural and organic look.

If your creativity asks you for color, texture and three-dimensionality, Innovus® Coloured MDF is the solution.



  • Architecture and interior design
  • Commercial spaces
  • Contemporary furniture
  • Reception areas, stands and other applications in public spaces
  • Wall covering
  • Mechanized decorative elements

Innovus® Essence

From the origin of wood comes inspiration for Essence,the special range of decorative boards of the brand Innovus®.

Representing the beauty of wood, the most real possible, has always been one of Innovus’ passions®. Essence,with its special double-sided finish brings us closer than ever to this goal.

With two different finishes: Rustic and Authentic, the range brings the splendor of Oak and Elm.

The Rustic

A natural and creative texture inspired by the beauty of Oak, available in four shades between Scandinavian-style white to a dark and luxurious tone. This texture as well as the selected shades were developed with multiple applications in mind such as kitchen doors, lounge furniture, step doors and wall covering.

The Authentic

A refined and contemporary texture inspired by the elegance of the Elm, available in five shades including a modern ash tone and tones with terracotta tones. The play of different levels of matte allowed for a smooth yet visually expressive texture. The selected shades were developed with a multitude of applications in mind, from living room or bedroom modules to children’s or office furniture, not forgetting doors or wall coverings.


As for the intrinsic quality of the Pavement, Poliface offers four possible wood fiber substrates: standard 7mm thick substrate, high density moisture resistant substrate in 7 or 8 mm thick, and very high density moisture resistant substrate and 12 mm thickness.

Poliface offers a wide range of aesthetic solutions, with excellent reproductions of multiple woods from the clearest to the wenge through oaks, walnut sands and exotic species. The character of the wood is reinforced by the texture used in its presentation and, sometimes, by the use of two- or four-sided bezels.

In addition, abrasion resistance and usage class options range from AC4 Class 31 for heavy domestic use to AC5 Class 33 for heavy commercial use, to AC4 Class 32 for general commercial use.

Four different ranges form the new Home collection Deco Premium Project ? Lignum

Poliface also offers the right accessories for a complete installation, from skirtings and profiles in the same floor designs, mounting foam and acoustic underlay, allowing excellent results with maximum simplicity and speed.

In short, Poliface offers a solution for each application and for each budget.


Sonae Arauco is waiting for you at the ESCAPARATES SPACEevent.

Date: April 27, 2017.

Hours: from 10hs to 20hs.

Location: Convent dels Angels de Barcelona (Plza. Dels Angels, 5)