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Fresh, bright, sereno and elegant

This is white, a color with a hundred shades to which the most sophisticated interiors are yielded. This summer we bet on the flash of light of the total white.

By naming the white color, we have countless shades that bring a more sophisticated air to our interiors. Now that we are in the middle of summer, the heat and good weather transports us through the white facades along the Mediterranean coast and reminds us for example, to the clothes present on the long Ibizan nights referring to a total white .

With the arrival of the heat, you want to spend more time outside, therefore, what another better way than to use the white in our outdoor spaces, in order to give our terraces a more elegant air while generating an atmosphere of tranquility and calm grace s to the neutrality of this color. In addition, if we combine it with the vegetation of the environment, we will manage to give a touch of freshness to our spaces being also, more respectful with the environment.

Apart from how sophisticated this color can be, if we use it indoors we will get a greater sense of lighting, because it will bring more life to those dark and dull spaces. In addition, if we combine it with light woods in floors, coatings, furniture or in small elements, we will get a greater feeling of warmth in the environment.

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