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  -  Architecture   -  Valencia is already a candidate to be the World Design Capital 2022

Valencia, 15 Apr (EFE).- Valencia is already an official candidate to be the World Capital of Design for the year 2022 after presenting the Association Valencia Capital del Disseny before the World Design Organization (WDO) a memoir of merits and a video about the city.

The designer Ibán Ramón has created the graphic image of the proposal and the book of the candidacy, which is articulated around the motto “The Mediterranean design of Valencia. Design for change, design for the senses”, according to a statement of the Association.

The members of the Associació have developed a rigorous research work, led by their two strategic directors Xavi Calvo and Pau Rausell, which has resulted in a document of internal use and more than 500 pages.

The document reflects the past and present of the design, as well as new proposals linked to the city of Valencia and also the Valencian Community, and also includes the proposal of the annual programme of events that will host the city in case Valencia is Selected.

Along with memory, the candidacy has also presented what will be its graphic image, designed by Ibán Ramón, renowned Valencian graphic designer and with a wide and award-winning trajectory behind.

“The image of capitalism anticipates future uses. The letters VWDC have been interpreted from simple geometric shapes, on a square module grid that allows countless compositions”, explained the designer.

In addition, its color evokes the Mediterranean: the sand, the sea, the sun and the typography used in the dossier are “sufficiently formal without giving up contemporaneity and freshness”, says Ibán Ramón.

“The modular design of identity opens the way to a myriad of compositions, allowing a wide development; without a concrete but recognizable significance,” he adds.

The application’s motto calls for a “way of looking” with certain geographical implications, but also aesthetic, ethical, philosophical and political, explains Pau Rausell, co-director of the project.

Valencia’s candidacy has numerous institutional supports, from Valencian public and private organizations and agencies.

In addition to the institutions, the companies promoting this initiative maintain their commitment to design, promoting an initiative that aims to improve the quality of life of Valencians, according to the sources.

The document of the memory reflects the present of the design industries and the professionals of Valencian design that stand out nationally as well as international and in the different disciplines of design.

It also collects the cultural infrastructures linked to the design that exist, as well as the entire offer of cultural events, days and weeks of Valencia and the Valencian Community.

The document develops aspects such as the conditions of logistics, security and public health that the city has to host an event of this size and international projection.

The Valencia Capital World Design 2022 candidacy is promoted by the Disseny World Capital Association, a private association, which has the encouragement of the City Council of Valencian, the Generalitat Valenciana, Feria Valencia and La Marina de València.

It also has the support of the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community and the Indoor Designers’ College of the Valencian Community.

They are composed of the executive committee Marisa Gallén, Luis Calabuig, María Navarro, Amparo Balbastre, Rafa Armero, Kike Correcher, Jorge Fombellida, Vicente Gallega, Vicent Martínez, Vicente Pons, Soledat Berbegal, Amparo Bertomeu, Clara del Portillo, Xavi Calvo and Pau Rosell . EFE