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More than 50 spaces are concentrated in an emblematic building of the Plaza de España in Madrid, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the prestigious exhibition

No one doubts at this point that Casa Decor is much more than a fair or an exhibition. It is a fundamental event in the world of decoration – and design and architecture – of our country and, in fact, of the whole of Europe. Because it is, above all, a communication platform that contacts the three vertices of the sector: public, professional and brands.
Based on great professionalism, uniqueness, constancy and a lot of talent, this spectacular exhibition has managed to reach no less than 20 years. One of the keys to Casa Decor throughout all these years has been the location.

For this 20th anniversary of the prestigious Casa Decor exhibition, an emblematic building has been chosen located in the Plaza de España in Madrid. (PRESS IN THE PICTURE TO ACCESS THE PHOTO GALLERY)

Each and every one of its editions begins with the location of an emblematic building that is exquisitely rehabilitated, impeccable by a good group of professionals of interior design, architecture, design and landscaping.
This rehabilitation work – and absolute creativity – gives way to a month of exhibition in which professionals from the sector and the general public can access the House. Well, as it couldn’t be otherwise, for this birthday a really special building has been sought.
And it’s been found, of course. It is the former headquarters of the Royal Asturian Company of Mines. A magnificent building of the late nineteenth century that was ordered to be built by a company of Belgian origin and capital.
The project was the work of Manuel Martínez Angel, architect and delegate of the Belgian company in Spain. For its design he took into account the characteristics of the land, taking advantage of the corner layout of the plot to develop two rectangular wings on both sides of the central core of the building, which has three floors. Its construction lasted three years, from 1896 to 1899.

We really like the contribution of the decorator Carmen Barasona to Casa Decor 2012 with bathroom, full of flowers and joy.

Well, throughout these three floors, and its 4,500 square meters, some of the most prestigious decorators in the country have all deployed professional “charms” to show their work, the trends of the sector and the possibilities of it.
So you know, go in good time to take good note of the more than 50 spaces that are distributed in Casa Decor 2012, from the facade, whose lighting has been carried by Paula Arenas, Elisa Codina, Neststor Díez and Marta Arcaya for ERCO; to the terrace, the SpaceIkea titled Once Upon ATime… and has been decorated by Lorenzo Meazza and Rocío Romero.

We advise you not to miss Carmen Barasona’s bathroom either; The Awakening of the Senses, Space Fronda de Mar Romero, Yciar Beltrán and Olga López. The auditorium and organiques exhibition hall, by Catherine Grenier and Claudia Bonollo.
We also recommend that you visit spaces set in motion by some ‘known’ of this section as Ignacio García de Vinuesa (chill out); Jorge Goval (High tech + Design beauty); Laura Carrillo and her sisters (Geometric) or Valentine and CuldeSac.

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