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  -  News   -  Champagne finish by Font Barcelona

Font Barcelona expands its range of five dot One (5.1) electrical mechanisms, with the new CHAMPAGNE finish, which reflects prestige and quality.

Five Dot One (5.1) electrical mechanisms are fully customizable and are unique to this. We can create a mechanism by playing with regulators, switches, plugs, pushbuttons, thermostats… to create the right electrical system for each project.

In this case Font Barcelona presents this simple switch mechanism of plate of 90 x 90 mm, for installation of standard universal box or British box.

This switch has been customized with a hand and washer finished Antique Bronze, a very special finish for its tone that does not opt for gold or silver, a very delicate CHAMPAGNE finish.

The washer presented by the design of this mechanism stands out for its also nickel-plated finish, and creates a continuity but without deving prominence.

Five Dot One (5.1) CHAMPAGNE is a select switch that satisfies the need to place a fine finishing mechanism in classy spaces.

This mechanism is ideal for combining it in luminous homes that will give it a special shine.

It is also perfect for elegant night-toned environments with which you will be eclipsed.

In short, Font Barcelona unifies symmetry and purity, making this CHAMPAGNE finish switch a sybarite piece, elegant aesthetics and a very careful shape.