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  -  News   -  Garby de Fontini decorated with flowers. Romanticism in your home.

Fontini connects with the latest trends in interior design that seek the recovery of such natural elements as wood and porcelain. Fontini products differentiate you, because they are made with a carefully crafted finish design.

Fontini’s Garby collection recreates the charm of other times. Its porcelain body and traditional bow provide a touch of nostalgia and originality, allowing to decorate both rustic and urban environments.

This time, Fontini proposes a floral finish on its white porcelain plugs and switches, which will allow you to have an even more romantic air in your home.

These small details make your home even more pleasant and special. Don’t run away from romance and let your house be invaded by these beautiful electrical mechanisms with floral motifs.

Fontini combines the functionality of its electrical mechanisms with the handcrafted and detailed design and offers you different options; you can choose between wooden or porcelain bow and decorate with blue or brown floral headbands. This collection is also complemented by wooden or porcelain stands and frames.