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  -  News   -  Gaudí by Ramon Soler: yesterday’s, today’s and usual taps

Classics always come back. They come back because there are people who know how to appreciate them. The classic beauty of Ramon Soler’s Gaudí collection is today the wild card for any bathroom or kitchen décor. Gaudí can look in a classic, country, vintage or state-of-the-art environment where all styles are merged with a harmony that only the most refined elegance can conceive.

Gaudí de Ramon Soler has thermostatic bath-shower and shower from the thermogaudí collection that offer state-of-the-art technology. Other strengths of Ramon Soler’s Gaudí collection are its wide offer to complete the bathroom assembly, ranging from tub-free columns to large shower sprinklers and we can also choose between monocommands, bimandos and thermostatics of this same collection.

Finishes are optional and can be chosen between chrome finish, polished brass, old bronze or old copper.

Gaudí de Ramon Soler is a collection that will never go out of fashion and that is a leader in performance, technology of its thermostatics, finishes and an unbeatable beauty.