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  -  News   -  Termoarola by Ramon Soler

TERMOAROLA by Ramon Soler. Bathroom thermostat with waterfall exit.

Being at the forefront of design forces to be continuously surpassed and Ramon Soler is committed to great designers such as Antoni Arola, to design TERMOAROLA, and thus complete the Arola collection.


TERMOAROLA is a high-end thermostatic faucet, technically very advanced. With the new TERMOAROLA taps it takes care of every detail, offering a maximum level of strength and solidity when incorporating metal controls. The thermostatic cartridge is Ramon Soler’s own technology, with high reliability and robustness, designed for high performance in safety, savings and comfort for the user.

The thermostatic function of the controller allows the temperature to be adjusted quickly (in less than 1 second), so it offers high comfort when reacting so quickly to external changes, so that the user does not notice variations in temperature.

If cold water is cut it has the system “Hotblock” anti-burns for total safety, especially recommended for children, the elderly and disabled.
It is also an eco-efficient tap stake because it is equipped with the ECOPLUS system of water and energy saving.

Arola is designed for an audience that enjoys the design and technology of Ramon Soler. The aesthetics of TERMOAROLA are very refined and is characterized by a design of soft straight lines where a flat surface in the taps stands out. This surface can be used to deposit a bottle or soap.
TERMOAROLA has a cascading water outlet. The water falling into a beautiful waterfall provides great pleasure and luxury in our bathroom. Cascading water taps transport us to a world of wellness that unite beauty and health. A real Wellness in our bathroom.