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Matte black, the finish of the latest trends with maximum strength and durability. Ramon Soler's® Blautherm matte black shower columns have an immediate delivery time in just 10 days. As we have seen for some time, the timeless elegance of black is booming in the most modern bathrooms. Black is the color that has always been associated with non-ostentatious luxury and maximum elegance and

TERMOAROLA by Ramon Soler. Bathroom thermostat with waterfall exit. Being at the forefront of design forces to be continuously surpassed and Ramon Soler is committed to great designers such as Antoni Arola, to design TERMOAROLA, and thus complete the Arola collection. TERMOAROLA is a high-end thermostatic faucet, technically very advanced. With the new TERMOAROLA taps it takes care of every detail, offering a maximum level