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  -  News   -  Innovus® in our kitchens
The kitchen is one of the main spaces of our homes, so when it comes to creating it, designers and architects think of the materials that best suit this appreciated environment.

Innovus® has a wide variety of designs and finishes that have the optimal technical characteristics to ensure the quality of the elements of a kitchen. Innovus® is able to make integral kitchen projects a reality with the creation of cabinets, countertops or desks, wall coverings and ceilings… giving the opportunity to create environments with a unified material or combining different designs that have the same properties.

Finishes in the construction of an interior space mark the quality of the project, both the coatings and the furniture must have a clean appearance, the joints, cans and surfaces must have an impeccable appearance. Innovus® he cares about offering the perfect material for each of the different needs that the kitchen needs, making sure that at the time of its execution the final result is spectacular.

In addition Innovus® It is characterized by offering multiple finishes created to cover all kinds of styles, always following the premises of innovation. Currently the unicolor designs finished high gloss and woods are the most demanded for cuisine, the latest trends have returned to taste for noble materials, in search of environments that transport us to nature.

Innovus® encompasses a wide range of decorative solutions with high performance:

QUALITY AND DURABILITY. Innovus® It originates materials that in addition to being decorative are easy to maintain, resistant to possible scratches, abrasion resistant and especially suitable for applications where a material that supports high loads is required.

INTEGRAL PROJECTS. With Innovus®everything is possible: from making furniture to covering doors, walls and ceilings. A wide possibility of applications that allow us to carry out projects entirely in the same finish.

Versatility. The firm invites us to reflect on the versatility of its material, with application in interior design and decoration projects of all kinds.