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  -  Architecture   -  Magnet Kitchen by Ramon Soler® awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021
Ramon Soler® has been awarded for the second consecutive year with the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 Award, internationally recognized as a hallmark of excellence in design.

Magnet kitchen by Ramon Soler®has been awarded a DESIGN AWARD 2021 from an international jury of 98 prestigious design experts from more than 20 countries.

The collection of kitchen faucets with side single-control mixer, stands out for including an innovative system of magnets,which allows to return to its initial position the pipe, easily when its use ends, thanks to the action of an effective neodymium magnet. These magnets are teflon-coated for a smooth fit and are calibrated magnets. The pipe maintains its position always thanks to the blow of ae.

Magnet Kitchen

is a designer faucet with a clear industrial aesthetic that completes the kitchen to make the daily routine a comfortable experience. To enhance the ergonomics and ease of use of the faucet, a 360o high rotating pipe always made of black silicone is included, which gives you maximum flexibility that together with the removable duchita, will be ideal for washing large cooking utensils and food.

Photo: Removable kitchen faucet with Ramon Soler magnet system®

Magnet Kitchen awarded with iF DESIGN AWARD 2021


Magnet Kitchen faucets have been praised for their innovative technology and advanced design. The competition in this edition has proved very fierce: almost 10,000 references from 52 countries competed to achieve the desired distinctive and seal of excellence of excellence in design.

With this are already two consecutive iF Design Award,since Ramon Soler® has won the iF Design Award 2020 with its Urban Chic taps and have now awarded their innovative Magnet Kitchen taps in 2021,in the product category to kitchen faucets.

Barcelona’s prestigious tap manufacturer is celebrating because it is very important for Ramon Soler® to once again win the iF Design Award with an internationally recognized reputation as a hallmark of excellence in design.

The removable kitchen faucet collection with the unique and innovative magnet system is available in finish high-strength chrome platy and new finishes, inspired by global design trends that give kitchens the essence of sophistication: finish Brushed nickel,which brings timeless beauty and a handcrafted look. Satin copper,a finish that will not go unnoticed combining perfectly with the black silicone pipe. And matteblack, the color of immaculate elegance.

It is important to note that all the finishes of this tap are antibacterial and scratch resistant, characteristics that make it the ideal tap for dealing with food and also a very resistant faucet.


Video Magnet kitchen: